How To Be More Mindful -3 Practices

Without giving myself too much clout writing on how to be more mindful is something that I really enjoy writing about. With having a background in Martial Arts & while the traditional martial arts -mindfulness is a big part of… Continue Reading


Online Careers That Pay Well With No Experience & How To Start.

This is the first post & it’s about Online Careers that pay well with no experience. Being in the middle of 2021 and hopefully your life is getting back to the closest possible normalcy. Whoever said it was easy to… Continue Reading


7 Things You Can Do To Think Smarter

ways to Think Smarter

If you’d like to think smarter there’s a few things that you can do. Like anything this isn’t going to happen overnight. However, you can train your brain to think smarter than you already do, no matter how smart you… Continue Reading